This is my attempt to…

Me. Circa 2021.

Write… outside of the world of social media

I’d like to spend more time penning/blogging down my thoughts about work and life. And social media feels just a bit uncomfortable at the moment.

Reflect on my work and learn more about why I did what I did

In my work life, I make photographs and films. I also teach photojournalism and documentary classes at the university level.

Outside of work things, I am involved in community art initiatives. I also try to devote some time to keep learning things about technology.

I keep a portfolio to showcase my work. It makes sense to keep things brief there.

Here, I hope to write and bring deeper insight into the work that we do. I find that, in that introspection, I also discover things about myself and why I did what I did.

If you’re someone who has been part my work for a while (eg. clients, collaborators, friends, students), I think you might enjoy this process.

And…a big part of me hopes that a stranger from some other part of the internet would find resonance with what I am writing too.

To write about myself and not bore you

Strangely, I find myself more willing to share parts of my personal struggles with someone else. And I find that talking about problems helps me be more resolute about solving them.

Now, how do I make my problems interesting?

But even if nobody ever reads this…

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thoughts about photography, culture and curbing a festering phone addiction.


I tell stories with photographs, words and code. I teach journalism/documentary classes and am currently researching the best way to make cold sesame noodles.